Winter Wind & Sun and only 5 hrs from Europe


Jen_YogaYoga is used to strengthen the body, focus the mind, improve co-ordination, balance, flexibility, stamina and sporting performance. Many famous surfers and windsurfers including Kelly Slater, Kauli Seadi, Francisco Goya and others practice yoga daily as they jump, turn and twist themselves into all sorts of contorted positions. What was once considered as nothing short of crazy, is now captivating fitness enthusiasts throughout the world. 

Yoga is believed to have originated in India over 6,000 years ago and as a consequence there are many differing ways to practice it. The most commonly practiced (within the Western societies) is Hatha yoga, which is usually translated to mean “sun and moon” in Sanskrit. Iyengar and Ashtanga are amongst the most well-known forms of Hatha.

Benefits of Yoga for windsurfers (and everyone else):
Physical level: Improves your strength, flexibility, stamina, balance and coordination. That means you’ll be able to sail for longer, with more energy and endurance. No more cutting a session short because of fatigue or aches and pains.
Mental level: Helps you develop focus and concentration, essential for performing well on the water and trying out new tricks.

Emotional level: Helps you stay calm and relaxed, focused and free — even in the most demanding situations! That means you can sail through that strong gust and hit that lip feeling calm and confident.
Plus: You’ll survive wipe-outs much more easily! You are less likely to injure yourself as your joints “work better”. Even if you do injure yourself, your healing time will be reduced.

Classes at the Angulo Centre.

Everyone is welcome!
Classes will always be based at a level suitable to all, from first timers to the to the more advanced Yogi.

Egos are left behind as you enter the class, its not about who can suck their toes and put their head on their knees, it’s about focusing on your own body and how you can improve your own performance and core stamina!

There will be two sessions per day:

Morning classes are based on simple warm up exercises, sun salutations, stretching and some balance training exercises. The idea of these classes is to warm up the muscles, increase flexibility, focus the mind and to build up an awareness of the body. There are some more challenging stretches that build on core strength, stability and a better sense of balance.

After the class you will feel energised, invigorated and ready for a full day of play.

Benefits of the morning session:
• Feeling more flexible and fit than ever before
• More energy, endurance and confidence
• Strengthen your core
• Eliminate back pain
• Stretch and strengthen your shoulders
• Improve your performance
• Improve your mood and energy levels
• Lose excess weight and feel lighter on your feet
• Improving your windsurfing fitness so you’re stronger and more powerful

The evening session is really all about preventing muscle aches and pains, whether it is from a long flight, a shopping trip, laying on a sunny beach all day or playing in the water. The class is more relaxing than the morning session and based on stretches which will alleviate any strains, stretch the body and relax your mind. The session is based on Iyengar yoga and uses various asanas (postures) to stretch and tone the body. We finish the class with some relaxation exercises to leave you feeling stress free, chilled and content.

Benefits of the evening session:
• Preventing aches and pains in your back, shoulders, knees and hips
• Recovering quickly so you won’t miss any days of physical fun
• Feeling calm and focused
• Increase your energy and endurance
• Increase your flexibility
• Strengthen your core