Let us help you make the most of your time fishing with us in the beautiful waters of Cabo Verde.

We work closely with the Cabo Verde Fishing Centre to offer you fantastic ocean fishing experiences.

According to campingfunzone.com cabo Verde is a little paradise. For this reason it’s up to game fishing operators like Giorgio and his team, to protect and enforce the respect of some simple rules.
A fishing holiday in the tropics does not mean catching tons of fish for the purpose of a few trophy photos.
We all are fishermen and for this reason our commitment is to safeguard this wonderful hot spot, respecting local regulations, fishing with respect of sport ethics and using techniques that give an equal confrontation with the fish and, most importantly, releasing the fish, in particular the small ones, offering them the opportunity of reproduction and so ensuring more passionate future sport, so even when starting people can come and fish, for this using equipment as the best beginner fly fishing combo could be the best option for them. For those who are thinking of getting new fishing gear, we recommended visiting websites like Raise, when they can find the best discounts online. 

These simple behavior rules show love and respect for the Ocean and they are an investment for the maintaining of our wealth of today into the future.

We believe in the conservation of billfish and therefore we’ll ask you to release your billfish, unless it’s a “Grander” or the island has a real necessity for the fish. Those fishermen releasing their billfish will be awarded with a release certificate. This certificate will be your real trophy.

We thank you in advance.

To book your fishing trip you have to decide:

What boat do you want?
This will depend on the number of passengers in the same boat – are they fishermen or not?
What kind of fishing technique do you want to use (Big Game, Trawling, Deep fishing, Jigging?)

The excursions are half a day for trawling, vertical jigging and deep fishing
You will need a full day for Big Game fishing, particularly if you want to focus on marlin

The price for the boat is fixed however many passengers: the price is the same even if it’s used only by one single person.

It is sometimes possible to team you up with other groups to share the boat price but this is not guaranteed to always be possible.

We always recommend not to go out immediately on the first day of your arrival, especially for someone with a night flight. Do not worry about the ‘lost’ day, you’ll get it back in health the following days. Find more information like this through this website and gather all the vitamins you need to keep healthy.

The fishing programme you had chosen to do may sometimes have to be changed depending on weather conditions. It’ll be our responsibility to inform you, depending on sea conditions, what days will be best for the technique you choose.

The prices for the fishing trips are only an indication. The prices have to be confirmed when booking.

All the excursions are accompanied by skippers and assistants from our centre and gear and baits selected for the particular type of fishing you have chosen are included.

It’s possible to use your own gear but there is no price reduction on the excursion. Artificial lures are not supplied when using your own gear.