Santa Maria is a bit of a party town, with plenty of good bars in which there is an “interesting” scene.

The standard in starting off the evening is a cruise by the Angulo Beach Club where Gozi rocks the tunes and video display. The local and international meeting place allows you to make the call to maybe just have a couple quiet ones before heading home  or ramp it for a big night out.

Out & about, try a caipirina (“kype-i-reen-ya”)– the local drink made from fresh lime juice, sugar and grogue (a spirit distilled from sugarcane, similar to cachaca or rum)..

Grogue on its own can be a little rough – definitely an acquired taste! Ponche – literally a ‘punch’ – is made by adding honey and fruit and is much more palatable although still pretty strong.

The main beer is Strela  either bottled or on tap.  Cape Verde’s national beer .

Bar Calema  is a mainstay in Sal and usually ramps up around 11pm

Cabo Bar is located right across from the town square and is owned by Danish kitesurfer, Christian. It’s pretty much a standard visit when doing the Calema bar hop

Blue Bar is a trendy chill out bar. It can be expensive and is mainly used by ex-pats but they do good cocktails and occasional happy hour deals.

Chill out bar is known for it’s cute waitreses and old dudes hanging around. It’s another standard stop for the Calema, Cabo Bar, Chill-out trifecta bar hop.