Whether you are a seasoned pro or have yet to experience the adrenalin rush of surfing, Angulo Cabo Verde is the perfect destination to learn or progress and master those moves that you’ve been trying to nail.

Angulo Cabo Verde caters for all levels and abilities and you’ll be matched to the right equipment for your level and with some of the best instructors on hand to show you the ropes you’ll be up and riding in know time. We know you’ll be grinning ear to ear after your first lesson and the buzz will continue throughout your tuition, in case you’re interested in this sport, if you want to practice other like golf you can visit this store to get the best equipment for this.

Angulo Surf boards offer shapes and style for every rider. Your board will be allocated to you onsite based upon your skills.

No matter where you are, or what you do, you’ll have more fun on an Angulo Stand Up Paddleboard. If doesn’t matter if you’re riding an Angulo Custom or one of Angulo’s top of the line production models, you will have FUN on an Angulo SUP.

Ed Angulo and Angulo Designs stand up paddle boards (SUP) are now offering a limited number of custom, advanced technology Stand Up paddle Surfboards (SUPs) that truly are like no others, and will take your stand up paddle surfing to the next level of performance.

Angulo shapes have always set the standard for function and performance and are coveted by discerning riders worldwide.

With a range of Angulo SUPs at the centre to suit all sizes and levels of riders you’d be mad not to give it a go.

Why not rent a SUP as part of your kit package.

Please see our Surf Lesson and Rental Price List