Welcome to one of the coolest places to hang out in the world , the Angulo Beach Club.

Angulo Cabo Verde Surf Center

Our team at the  Angulo Cabo Verde Beach Club will be able to meet all your windsurf, surfing, kitesurfing and SUP needs. Whether you are a complete beginner or you can rip in the waves with the best of the rest, we have something for everyone.

With a fantastic range of the latest Angulo boards – including surf boards and stand-up paddle,  great rigs, 75% carbon skinny masts and Streamlined products we can make sure you stay on the water all day every day.

The Angulo Beach Club is the  “ baby” of Claudia and Josh Angulo who met on the shores of Ponta Preta in Jan. of 1998. Josh and Claudia’s passion for the ocean, family and the island lifestyle is strongly reflected in what has become a “must-visit” for all visitors and locals alike in the Cape Verde islands.

Right in front of our beach club is the beautiful Santa Maria bay, The bay is set-up so the closer to shore is calmer and perfect for beginners and the conditions progress as you go out and upwind providing wonderful intermediate windsurfing and full on fun wave/ bump and jump on the upwind point.

In between sessions you can get refueled at our fully dialed-in ‘Gu’d Snacks’ food bar, where we serve only freshest products, locally grown and caught and browse our specialty garments and souvenirs to take a little piece of Cape Verde home with you.

When you finally drag yourself off the water, chill out in our shaded lounge or swing in one of our hammocks watching the sun set on another glorious day in paradise while sipping a hot or cold drink of your choice.


Should I bring my own kit or rent from Angulo?

Advanced sailors will be drawn to Sal for the waves. These windsurfers are often sailing at a high level and will be used to the ordeal of traveling with their windsurf board and rigs. They would perhaps not consider using a rental centre. Here’s why they should:

1. Time on the water: Some of our clients stay for a week or two and want to be on the water all the time. They will sail or paddle a sup in the mornings. Play on a freestyle board when the breeze arrives, maybe sail a few waves at Punta Leme. If the wind is light they take a Chango 95 and a 5.8 and go find a wave on the West coast. It’s possible to sail two or three different board sizes, sail sizes and locations in one day. As much fun and exercise as you can handle, on a day when a standard wave board would stay in it’s bag. Those who want to maximise their water-time will love the flexibility of the Angulo toy-box. By contrast the traveling wavesailor would perhaps bring a 75l board and 2 or 3 sails. Having paid the airline both ways, these sailors often find they want to rent kit as well.

2. Quality kit: Experienced wavesailors are likely to be discerning about their kit. So are we. Angulo offers rdm masts, carbon booms and boards for all conditions. Josh sails this kit every day.

3. The luxury of traveling with a harness and a pair of shorts!

NEW Kitesurf Lessons and Rental

In case you don’t already know, we now also offer Kitesurfing lessons and rental with quality gear from Core Kites and Carved Boards. Check it out here.

Core at Angulo Cabo Verde