Stand Up Paddle Boards by AnguloSUP 2 U……. whether cruising with the kids, going for a training paddle with friends, sup’ing with the wife, or pushing your limits on any of our endless sup waves easily accessible on Sal, you will have so much fun doing the fastest growing water sport in the world.

Ed Angulo is a shaping master second to none in the world. His love for SUP stokes his fire in every shape he does .  We carry a full range of the latest and greatest Angulo Hawaii SUP boards designed and developed by Ed Angulo.

Whether you want a first time lesson with club pro “Litcha” or want to dial in a full time SUP rental into your windsurf package….we have you covered.


With a range of Angulo SUPs at the centre to suit all sizes and levels of riders you’d be mad not to give it a go. Why not rent a SUP as part of your kit package.

Please see our SUP Lesson and Rental Price List



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