Q: What is the best period for wind?

A: While you occasionally have wind all year long, the trade winds usually start blowing in mid-November until June. The wind is often light (14-20 knots) but is usually stronger from mid-January to March / April (up to 25-30 knots). We rarely get anything stronger than this.

Q: What is best period for waves?

A: The first swells arrive in October and become more and more frequent. The biggest swells are from December to March. You can still catch a good north-west swell in April and May. In the summer you can sometimes catch some swell from the south, which are smaller but still great.

Q: What about the temperature?

A: It is unlikely that the temperature will drop below 20°C, even at night. Most of the time is is between 22°C in the winter and 28°C in the summer. August and September can be really hot.

In the winter when the wind is blowing, you will need a light sweater at night, especially after several hours in the sun.

Q: Do I need a wetsuit?

A: Yes – probably to protect you from the strong wind or the intense sun. If you are sensitive to the cold and want to ride all day then bring a 2/3mm shorty but a lycra rash shirt is enough for most people.

Q: Should I bring my own kit or rent from Angulo?

A: Advanced sailors will be drawn to Sal for the waves. These windsurfers are often sailing at a high level and will be used to the ordeal of travelling with their board and rigs. They would perhaps not consider using a rental centre. Here’s why they should:

  1. Time on the water: Some of our clients stay for a week or two and want to be on the water all the time. They will sail or paddle a sup in the mornings. Play on a freestyle board when the breeze arrives, maybe sail a few waves at Punta Leme. If the wind is light they take a Chango 95 and a 5.8 and go find a wave on the West coast. It’s possible to sail two or three different board sizes, sail sizes and locations in one day. As much fun and exercise as you can handle, on a day when a standard wave board would stay in it’s bag. Those who want to maximise their water-time will love the flexibility of the Angulo toy-box. By contrast the travelling wavesailor would perhaps bring a 75L board and 2 or 3 sails. Having paid the airline both ways, these sailors often find they want to rent kit as well.
  2. Quality kit: Experienced wavesailors are likely to be discerning about their kit. So are we. Angulo offers rdm masts, carbon booms and boards for all conditions. Josh sails this kit every day.
  3. The luxury of travelling with a harness and a pair of shorts!